Minas Hill Coffee arrives in Queensland

Our History

Minas Hill Coffee is proud to offer what Brazilian Specialty coffee industry has in its best. Our origins began 102 years ago, when Francisco Brussi was born, in a coffee farm in the region where nowadays is known as Alta Mogiana.

Francisco worked in the coffee farm as a coffee picker along with his family who had just years before, migrated from Italy. That was a hard time for all his family, and the coffee farm soon wasn’t able to provide nourishment for the family.

Soon Francisco was employed by the Agricultural Department of Sao Paulo State, as a coffee classifier utilizing his expertise to achieve excellence in his career.  Francisco remained in this position for 35 years until his retirement.

Francisco was my inspiration to start an enterprise in a distant land, and once and for all, showcasing to the Australian market, why Brazil is considered one of the best countries to grow specialty coffee.

Coffee farm in Sao Paulo, 1913plantacao-antiga

Brazil and the Specialty Coffee scenario

Brazil is the largest coffee producer accounting for more than 50% of all coffee produced. It is also the largest producer of Specialty Grade coffee.

The specialty coffee sector currently accounts for close to 12% of international coffee markets. The quality characteristics attributed to these coffees depend on a wide array of factors, ranging from physical traits, origin, varieties, colour, and size, to environmental and social issues, such as farming systems and working conditions for labourers.

The current price of some specialty coffees is 30% to 40% above that of conventionally grown coffee and, in some cases, may be over 100% higher. Gourmet and certified coffees can be identified by their physical and sensorial traits, such as the cup quality, which must exceed the standard quality. The main categories of specialty coffees are:

Coffee with certificates of origin

This certificate pertains to the region in which the coffee was grown, since some quality attributes are inherent to specific regions.

Gourmet coffee

Consists of high-quality beans of Arabica coffee with a screen size greater than 16. This product is set apart from others and is almost free of defects. (BSCA website)


The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) was founded in 1991 through the initiative of 12 producers who looked beyond their time, envisioning the commercial opportunities that investing in quality would bring.

It is a non-profit association that brings together people and companies in the internal and external specialty coffee markets, seeking to disseminate and stimulate technological improvement in the production, commercialization and industrialization of these products, in addition to promoting, mainly in the coffee areas, environmental preservation and the environmentally sustainable development through programs, projects and partnerships with public or private, domestic or foreign, entities.

The objective of BSCA is, through research, to spread of quality control techniques and promote products, to elevate the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffees offered in the internal and external markets. Nevertheless, it is the only Brazilian institution to certify lots and monitor specialty coffee quality control seals, with comprehensive tracking via individual numbering, which can be consulted by the consumer through the site (www.bsca.com.br).

Beyond Lots and Micro-lots

Minas Hill Coffee has been in the foremost of Brazilian Specialty Coffee scenario in Melbourne. We have been able to bring outstanding coffees and forming partnerships between the roaster and the farmer. Consistency is the key word and we deliver consistent quality all year round.

We understand the importance of a constant supply, especially in the Specialty Grade scenario. Therefore, strong partnerships with farmers are more consistent than with cooperatives and Minas Hill Coffee focus in the type of partnership which gives the roasters, the peace they need to discover new flavours.

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