Minas Hill Coffee celebrates 5 years!

It has all passed too fast but here we are, after 5 years, with heaps of plans for the future!

We may be a young company, but our origins actually began 102 ago, when Francisco Brussi was born in a coffee farm in the region nowadays known as Alta Mogiana (the same place where Bom Jesus is produced)!  Francisco worked as a coffee picker along with his family who had just years before, migrated from Italy. As the years passed, Francisco started working for the Agricultural Department of Sao Paulo State as a coffee classifier. He used all his expertise to achieve excellence in his career, remaining in this position for 35 years, until the day he retired. Who would imagine that Mr. Brussi would be the inspiration for his grandson, Marcelo Brussi, who in 2013 founded Minas Hill Coffee?

The reason behind it all has always been quality. “I realized that there was a misconception about Brazilian coffee in the market” – says Marcelo. “Even though Brazil produces around 30% of the coffee in the world, we couldn’t find the best quality in Australia, people tended to believe that Brazil couldn’t produce excellent beans – but this idea was all wrong.” Minas Hill Coffee was born to showcase the best Brazilians to Australia, and connect coffee roasters to farmers. By buying coffee directly form the producer, it is easy to assure the same high standards from the samples on the production. All coffees are tested, cupped and assessed every time there is a new crop available. Working closely with the producer also brings more flexibility to the company. being able to create special lots and micro-lots on demand. And, most importantly, it is possible to assure that the owner of the land is receiving a fair payment for his product.¬†“Most of our current suppliers have been working with us since the beginning. We grow together, it is fascinating to work in an environment where there is mutual respect and commitment.”

Over the years…

  • 2013 and 2014 were years of hard work to find the highest quality beans and develop the first customers in Melbourne.
  • In 2015 the company decided to expand the operations to Western Australia, a market still strong today.
  • In 2016, Marcelo brought roasters to the origin with him for the first time. It was also when he decided to expand the market and start holding a warehouse in Queensland.
  • 2017 was the key year for the company’s growth, as the Direct Trade operation began, allowing customers to bring FCL and LCL to Australia via Minas Hill Coffee. It was also when the commitment and support to social projects in Brazil became stronger, and the company got the UTZ certification.
  • In 2018, there’ll be again focus on quality, sustainability and commitment with Australian roasters.

There’ll be a cupping in Melbourne to celebrate 5 years of success, hard work and our loyal customers. If you’re around, come and join the party! On the table, micro-lots from Pedro Gabarra, together with the new ongoing coffee: APAS. The event will be held on:

Thursday, 15th of November, 5.30pm – 9pm, @ our warehouse (17/9 Dawson St. Coburg 3058).

Food and drinks will be provided.

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