New ongoing coffee: APAS

You may have heard about APAS – The Alto de Serra Producers Association before. Our partnership with those small farmers has been growing strong since 2015. But this year we are bringing something totally new to Australia. Together with the well-known micro-lots there’ll be also our APAS Premium Reserve – an ongoing coffee suitable for blending.

This year, with the intention to increase our support to APAS, Minas Hill Coffee asked 4 producers to join their forces and come up with a special and unique blend. That’s how our APAS Premium Reserve was created – a combination of 34.5% of Sitio Fortaleza (Alessandro Hervaz), 11% of Sitio Bela Vista (Jarbas Cleto), 37% of Sitio Sao Jose (Jose Marciano) and 17.5% of Sitio Nossa Senhora da Aparecida (Nivaldo Donizette). All carefully chosen to make up an outstanding new coffee!

About the farmers:
Alessandro Hervaz has been growing coffee since 1993, when his father bought a farm in São Gonçalo do Sapucaí. He then started learning how to produce coffee, and today works mainly with family farming. Alessandro is also famous for his “Honey & Coffee”  , a special micro-lot called where the production is completely pollinated by bees.

Jarbas Cleto acquired Bela Vista farm in 1985, but the 1st coffee field came only in 1988, with 8,000 ft of Catuai. 2010 market a new sustainable jump to Jarbas, who got the certificate of “Environemtal Licensing”.

Jose Marciano grows coffee in a small piece of land where his family lives producing coffee for 2 generations.

Nivaldo Donizette acquired his property in 1971, when he began to work with coffee. The producer utilizes family farming system and each year they achieve an increase in quality in a sustainable way.

Quality, traceability, good agricultural practices, social and environmental responsibility, and food safety are the main pillars of APAS. Therefore, their members are all certified by Certifica Minas Cafe and Fair Trade.
In 2013, in the 14th Cup of Excellence Early Harvest, 3 coffees from APAS were amongst the 58 best coffees of Brazil, a massive achievement considering it was the first time the producers started to process naturals. In 2017, Alessandro Hervaz’s coffee scored 89.56 and was ranked #7 in the CoE in Brazil (Natural).

About Mantiqueira de Minas

Belonging to South of Minas region, this Origin and Quality Certified (PGI) Regulatory Board coffee, comprises coffees from the small, hilly area, encrusted in the highest part of Minas Gerais. Its coffees display a berry-like aroma, strong chocolate and fruity taste, velvet on palate, due to the high

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