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Origin Brazil - One country, many flavours

With 16 different producing regions, the combination of flavours makes Brazil unique, complete and deliciously attractive to be explored. Discover the main producing regions:



“Coffee with Altitude” is possibly the best way to describe coffee produced at the Cerrado, northwest of Minas Gerais state. A powerful range of tastes and aromas comprise this region, ranging from nuts and caramel aroma, citric acidity, full body, chocolate taste and a long and pleasant aftertaste, making this region the number 1 in Brazilian blends’ choice.

Farm from this region: Sao Silvestre & Capim Branco


South of Minas

Highly-sweet coffee, with light to medium acidity, ranging from citrus and berries, in a strong chocolaty characteristic. This is the oldest coffee producing region, and the biggest in the world.

Coffees from Sul de Minas are highly sought all around the world by its famous micro-lots, and award-winning Cups of Excellence.

Farm from this region: Santo Antonio, Pinhal & Vertentes



From the town of Piata, coffees from Bahia have a delicate acidity, a remarkable cleanness due to the Pulped-Natural choice of process. A vibrant chocolate, caramel and nuts taste with a pleasant and prolonged aftertaste.

Home of the latest Pulped Natural CoE’s of Brazil. Farms from this region: Vista Alegri & Piata


Mantiqueira of Minas

Belonging to South of Minas region, this Origin and Quality Certified (PGI) Regulatory Board coffee, comprises coffees from the small, hilly area, encrusted in the highest part of Minas Gerais. Its coffees display a berry-like aroma, strong chocolate and fruity taste, velvet on palate, due to the high altitudes.

Farms from this region: APAS


Alta Mogiana

Once you taste its caramel will never forget.

Comprising about 30 municipalities, with a huge producing capacity of specialty coffees, its main characteristics are the prolonged caramel taste and aftertaste, striking aroma, creamy velvety body embodied by a refined medium acidity.

Farms from this region: Bom Jesus & Sao Lucas

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