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Wholesaler & Reseller

Minas Hill was founded in 2012 as a green bean coffee showroom and reseller based in Australia. We focus on sourcing high-quality specialty coffees that are unique, ethical and sustainable.

In 2020, a long-time dream came true and we started sourcing raw cocoa-derived products from Brazil to Australia. We have partnered with small-scale farmers that use preserved areas for sustainable farming while protecting the forest.   

As an independent importer, we work with social and environmental certified suppliers. We understand initiatives such as better remuneration, education and support can change the small producer’s life and their families’ well-being.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on building strong and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, and we are pleased to have worked with many of the same producers since the company started. 

We believe in fair price, fair trade, and better practices in the coffee and cocoa industries, which includes everyone in the supply chain. 

Transparency, commitment, and sustainability are paramount in the way we operate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality coffee and cocoa with social and environmental responsibility. We connect farmer and roaster to produce a sustainable and fair environment. For us, coffee and cocoa are all about accountability, people, and passion.

BSCA Member

As the only member of BSCA in Australia, we proudly gift our partners and coffee connoisseurs with a broad range of single-origin coffees from the best regions of Brazil.

Minas Hill is UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified since 2017.

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Our Social Projects

We believe we can make a difference at the coffee origin. That’s why Minas Hill Foundation supports several social projects through farmers we partner with. Discover how coffee farmers have been helping to build a better future:

Santo Antonio, Pinhal and Vertentes Farms

There are 5 different social projects currently in place at Pedro Gabarra’s farms. Amongst them is the WINGS project. While observing the rising number of injured birds in the region, Pedro and his sister took the initiative of building nurseries to shelter and to release the wild birds to their natural habitat. This project has the support of IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) and is on its final stages of implementation. The WINGS project also aims to educate people about the importance of environmental balance and the harmful effects of animal trafficking.

Bom Jesus Farm

In 2008, Flavia and Gabriel launched GIMA (The Intercity Games for the Environment), a project that aims to promote social and environmental responsibility and to create environmental awareness on early generations. GIMA unites hundreds of children from five surrounding towns on a day to celebrate life and the environment every year. During this there are exciting games and prizes that will change those kid’s lives forever. In 2018 we’ve raised enough money to donate 96 push-bikes to children who joined GIMA. All of that was only possible through the good-will of very kind coffee roasters from all over Australia.

São Silvestre Farm

CASA DE MISERICORDIA HOSPITAL: Sao Silvestre farm helps to maintain the local hospital, Santa Casa de in Carmo do Paranaiba, through donations or assistance with medical supplies. Mr Andrade has joined the board of directors in the past and today he works raising sponsors to sustain the hospital, helping them acquire new medical equipment and maintain the hospital’s standards when taking care of patients.

Get involved!

 If you’d like to donate to one of the projects we endorse at the origin, let us know.


All farmers we work with hold at least one of these globally recognised certifications

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All farmers hold at least one of these globally recognised certifications

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Contact Us

Minas Hill Coffee Pty Ltd   ABN 48 615 983 581

51/2 Cobham St,
Reservoir,  VIC 3073

By appointment only.

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Private cuppings

Come meet our warehouse team in Melbourne, where we organize private cuppings every week.