Alto da Serra Producers’ Association


APAS was founded in 1996 by a group of small farmers, aiming to improve their production conditions and quality. From this union, and by being able to join local competitions, such as COE, they could discover how special and unique their coffees are.

The association is located in the south of Minas Gerais, in altitudes between 1,000m and 1,400m above sea level, having mild temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees during most of the year . Quality, traceability, good agricultural practices, social and environmental responsibility, and food safety are the main pillars of APAS. Therefore, their members are all certified by Certifica Minas Cafe and Fair Trade.

At Minas Hill Coffee, we value small producers and family-owned farms. Since our partnership with APAS started, in 2013, we could see how we have changed their lives by simply buying their amazing coffee and bringing those hidden gems to Australia. By supporting small traditional farmers, we know we are also supporting sustainability and industry’s good practices, such as promotion of biodiversity and crops without agrochemicals.

Every year, we bring a selection of outstanding micro-lots from those small producers to Australia. As we always say, coffee is made of stories, and people. You can expect to find high acidity, sweetness, velvety body and citric / fruity notes in coffees from these farmers.


Flowers in Action

(Flores em Ação)

APAS Women2

This project is being developed in partnership with APAS (Alto da Serra Producer’s Association) and it aims to create more visibility to the participation of women in coffee. Starting in 2019, Minas Hill Coffee will bring to Australia several micro-lots produced exclusively by women. Traditionally, they have always been an essential part of the coffee chain, from planting to the final stages of processing. However, the women working in the coffee industry haven’t always been equally recognized or paid by their work.

To make sure that the real producer behind the coffee is being rewarded, we assure that each of the participants of this initiative will have their own separated bank account to receive the revenues of their product. That’s how transparent we are.

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