Sao Silvestre Farm

Brazil’s best

Natural conditions, correct crop management and planning, along with post-harvest selection criteria of cherries, grains and natural drying, all help produce excellent, award-winning beans, appreciated worldwide.

A long family history

began in 1901

The Andrade family history began in 1901, with their ancestors at Capim Branco Farm, in Carmo do Paranaíba, High Cerrado Estate of Minas Gerais. With the aim to produce high quality coffees, Ismael Andrade established his farms in this region during the 70’s. In early 90’s, Sao Silvestre farm was acquired. The farms are located in altitudes between 1.100 and 1.200 meters, which provides ideal conditions for growing coffee due to its perfect balance of wet and dry seasons.

Combined with the natural conditions of the region, the correct management of crops, crop planning and post-harvest with selection criteria of cherries, grains and natural drying, the results are excellent quality, award-winning beans, appreciated worldwide. The volcanic soils are perfect for growing Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuaí and Red Catuai varietals, which thrives here and accounts for the majority of the farm’s yield. This is where Brazil’s best natural coffee beans are produced.

In 1991, Ismael Andrade together with another eleven producers, who envisioned the opportunities that investing in the quality of the coffee would bring, founded the BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association) that supports all small coffee producers in the region, not only that, it also helps producers improve quality, which improves sustainability. Helping producers to reach out for the importers worldwide, with eco-friendly coffee is another activity that BSCA performs.

Sao Silvestre farm helps to maintain the local hospital, Santa Casa de Misericordia, through donations or assistance with medical supplies. Mr Andrade has joined the board of directors in the past and today he works raising sponsors to sustain the hospital, helping them acquire new medical equipment and maintain the quality when taking care of patients.

Beautiful  mornig @ São Silvestre.
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