Global Logistical Problems and The perfect Blender for 2022

We are all well aware of the issues Brazil has faced in the past 18 months. A debilitating drought, a global pandemic, a frost storm, souring prices and now a world wide shortage on shipping containers. We’ve had the perfect storm which has forced us to face some of the biggest challenges for our supply chain.

Marcelo Brussi, founder of Minas Hill Coffee was approached by the ABC to give insights to the Australian consumers on the immediate impact on the coffee supply in Australia. 

We have Coffee

Rio Grande: The Perfect blender for 2022

Now is the perfect time to secure coffee for 2022 and we know the perfect coffee for you. Rio Grande has quickly become a top competitor in our SAGA line up. We always strive to give roasters the best value for their purchases and we believe Rio Grande is great value. This coffee is a solid base for a blender, it will give your blend a full body, with notes of dark chocolate and a well balanced sweetness.

Rio Grande is the river that separates Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais state. Known for strong caramel flavours and high sweetness content.

We have a number of different contract solutions for roasters, depending on what they require. We love to highlight our point of difference in the market, and one of those differences in tailoring a solution to suit your requirements how ever big or small.

At SAGA you will find estate and regional coffees, perfect for creating the best blend. All sourced from the best regions in Brazil, showcasing the best quality in every cup. We worked with small producers in this area to put together Rio Grande. We love helping small producers, we want to help elevate them and improve their quality of life, that is why knowing and understanding where your coffee comes from, can make such a difference at preserving our supply chain.

If you would like to discuss these solutions in more detail, do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team, we can take you through the options step by step and offer you samples.