New Farm Spotlight: Toca da Onça Specialty Coffee

Produced by award winner Luciana Flores

We’re excited to present the award-winning Toca da Onça Farm from Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Guided by the visionary producer Luciana Flores, this farm not only secured the top spot in the 11th Coopervass Specialty Coffee Competition but also stands out for its extraordinary commitment to sustainability.

Let’s explore the story behind Toca da Onça, and how you can now savor this exceptional coffee in your cup.

The farm, Toca da Onça, is located in Campanha, south of Minas Gerais. It has been in operation for 44 years. Initially founded by Cláudio and Marilena, the farm started with corn and dairy cattle, later expanding to coffee and other crops. Today, the entire family, spanning generations, is involved in continuing this legacy. With 200 thousand Arabica coffee trees of various varieties on 60 hectares of land, Toca da Onça is not just a farm; it’s a commitment to sustainability, quality, and community.

Luciana Flores, who joined the family’s coffee venture in 2019, embodies the farm’s dedication to excellence. As a forward-thinking farmer, she emphasizes regenerative agriculture, efficient post-harvest processes, and partnerships with local beekeepers to enhance pollination rates and coffee quality. Luciana’s involvement also extends to the cooperative, Coopervass, which plays a fundamental role in the socio-environmental approach to running the farm. The farm’s commitment to renewable energy, forest conservation, and water source protection aligns with their vision of promoting sustainable practices and preserving the natural environment.

Minas Hill is delighted to partner with Luciana Flores to introduce Toca da Onça’s Natural Yellow Arara coffee. With an impressive cup score of 89, this coffee boasts notes of exotic, memorable passionfruit, and physalis that elevate your coffee experience. From the altitude, climate, and natural resources of the Mantiqueira region to the detailed processes on the farm, every step contributes to the exceptional quality of the coffee you’re about to enjoy.