We come with the territory

We’re a country for the well-caffeinated. With nine in 10 (or 88%) of Australians enjoying coffee in some form and consuming 1.91kg of coffee per person each year, coffee isn’t just for those in the inner north of Melbourne or Sydney’s harbourside. Good coffee could (and should) be found around any corner of our great country. 

Minas Hill recognises the unnatural hold coffee has on all Australians. We’ve strategically set up a national sales network, with warehouses along the east coast from Townsville to Brisbane, Sydney to Melbourne, and stretching across the Nullarbor to Perth.

And in an effort to strengthen our presence within the vibrant Sydney coffee scene, we welcome Kevin Tu to the team as the new NSW/ACT Sales Representative. 

Kevin is an established face in the NSW coffee industry, with over 13 years of experience as a coffee professional. Beginning as a Barista, he quickly progressed to opening his own cafe. Over the last seven years, he has advanced in the industry, taking on roles such as a territory manager and trainer at a roastery. Kevin also holds qualifications as a certified Q Arabic Grader and an ASCA judge.

We asked Kevin a few of the important questions in life:

What’s your favourite coffee?

Anything that tingles my taste buds.

What’s your favourite brew method?

I love a good pour over.

What’s your favourite music genre?

A heady mix of Trip Pop, Lo-fi, Acid Jazz and 90s Hard Rock.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I once ate a coffee puck like an Oreo for 20 bucks. Luckily we were only doing 15-17g back then!

For those in NSW/ACT, connecting with Kevin is not just about discovering our latest coffee arrivals; it’s an opportunity to learn about Kevin’s adventurous side and perhaps even challenge him to more culinary escapades…or just shout him an Oreo!