Women of the Mantiqueira Region producing award winning 90+ coffee.

Exciting news! As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the latest Microlots from the 11th Coopervass Specialty Coffee Competition this February, we invite you to join us on a journey of exceptional flavors and empowering stories, where women producers are changing lives and crafting extraordinary coffees.

Our new Microlots shine a spotlight on the transformative impact of women producers in the enchanting Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil. This region, celebrated for its unique sensory profiles, is home to a community of women who, against all odds, are making waves in the coffee industry. As we dive into these coffees, let’s explore how their dedication is changing not only the landscape of coffee cultivation but also the lives of those involved.

Leading the charge is Simone Carneiro de Morais Sousa, a trailblazer in specialty-coffee production and the founder of AMECAFÉ Mantiqueira in 2017. This association, now comprising 130 women producers from Mantiqueira de Minas, stands as a beacon of empowerment. Through courses, lectures, and events, AMECAFÉ equips its members with the knowledge needed to succeed in the market, fostering unity and strength among women producers.

The Coopervass initiative annually unites coffee farmers in the Mantiqueira region. Now in its 12th year, this competition not only celebrates excellence in coffee production but also promotes sustainable practices, thereby enhancing the overall quality of coffee offerings. The triumph of the region’s women producers in the competition reflects their passion, dedication, and transformative impact on the specialty coffee industry.

Check out these award winners – coming very soon to Minas Hill!

1st – Maria Simone – Canarinho Farm (PMH125)

  • Variety: Arara
  • Process: Natural
  • Cup Score: 90.5
  • Tasting Notes: Remarkably sweet, bright acidity, Jasmine Tea

1st – Marcia de Jesus – Flowers in Action (PMH060)

  • Variety: Yellow Catucai
  • Process: Fair Trade Natural Raised Bed
  • Cup Score: 90
  • Tasting Notes: Balanced coffee with notes of Cocoa, Raisin, Hazelnut

2nd Claudia Bustamante – Pedra Preta (PMH170)

  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
  • Process: Certifica Minas Rainforest Natural
  • Cup Score: 89.9
  • Tasting Notes: Floral, black tea

3rdLuciana Flores – Toca da Onça  (PMH178)

  • Variety: Yellow Arara
  • Process: Natural
  • Cup Score: 89
  • Tasting Notes: Exotic, memorable, passionfruit, and physalis

These coffees not only represent exceptional flavors but also the positive impact of women producers on their communities. The dedication, unity, and expertise of these women are reflected in every sip. Join us in celebrating not just outstanding coffee but also the journey of empowerment, excellence, and positive change that these extraordinary women bring to the world of specialty coffee.

Get ready for a truly remarkable coffee experience with these new Microlots! For a more thorough list of our February offerings, check out our Stock List.