Bela Epoca Farm

Expertise in Organic Coffee

Bela Epoca farm grows coffee for over 80 years,
crossing 3 generations of producers in the family.

Andre da Cunha, his brother Luis Claudio and sister Silvia, now run the farm together. They’re located in the Alta Mogiana region, São Paulo state, on a well-defined micro-climate ideal for coffee growing. They’ve recently expanded the coffee production to areas reaching altitudes of 1300 m.

Part of the farm is solely dedicated to growing Organic coffee. The organic plot sits on a naturally shaded area. This results on delay in ripening, which allows cherries to develop more sugars and flavours. The whole organic production is tracked and certified by IBD - Orgânico Brasil.


For more than 20 years, the Cunha brothers have been working in alliance with the Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC) and Procafe Foundation to improve quality. This partnership resulted in experimental fields where coffee plants are analysed and selected based on productivity, uniform maturation, longevity and taste. All seeds and seedlings are produced in nurseries at the farm, assuring excellence is achieved in all stages.

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