A message from our partner in Western Australia

Minas Coffee Perth Western Australia Tristan

In 2017, Minas Hill Coffee is committed to once again bring the best of Brazilian Specialty coffee to Australia and continue building strong relationships. Here is what our clients say about us:

“Minas Hill Coffee has been a great addition to the WA market recently as it provides high grade specialty Brazilian coffee to suit a range of purposes. The ongoing coffees are reliable, consistent, high quality and well-priced due to the long and established reputation that Minas Hill has as a supplier of specialty Brazilian coffee. As well as the great selection of ongoing coffees it is always exciting to cup and roast the seasonal lots and microlots that are sourced by the Minas Hill team on a seasonal basis. There are always some absolute crackers!
An added advantage of working with Minas Hill coffee is that amazing Brazilian specialty coffee is warehoused locally in Perth. As a Perth roaster, getting access to great coffees with short turnaround and without the cost of freight is always very challenging. I know with Minas Hill coffees I can quickly and cost efficiently access coffees that will play a role in my roasting program and be loved by customers.
However, undoubtedly the most important benefit for me is the close relationships and transparency that Minas Hill has established with selected farmers at origin. Minas Hill is the only supplier I’m aware of in Perth who has such a close bond with farmers. As a small roaster, this is the closest I can come to creating direct purchase relationships. It was an honour to meet Ismael Andrade, the owner of Sao Silvestre farm himself, in my roastery last year.”
– Tristan Fraser from Black Matter Coffee Roasters and Rep


Check out the current coffee list available in Perth bellow:

For more information about ongoing coffees, lots and micro-lots contact us via our our contact form today.