Great new January coffees from the hills of Brazil

Some great new coffees have just arrived, including some from the other Santa Monica – the one in the hills of Brazil.

The Faleiros family often say that they are blessed, coming from Ibiraci which is one of the best places in Brazil to produce specialty coffees. Their Santa Monica farm is at one of the highest points in the region at 1260 meters above sea level, with an elevation and micro-climate perfect for the production of specialty coffees.

The owner comes from a family that has been farming coffee for over 100 years and is currently in its third generation. Owner Jean seeks to keep up to date, with innovations in post-harvest processing techniques such as diverse types of fermentation to achieve extremely high quality. The farm works with pesticides that do not harm the environment, as biological ones do. Only organo-mineral fertilizer is used to preserve flora and fauna.

Jean’s passion for coffee is best experienced in-person and he welcomes all to come visit. As he says “…only then can we truly and truly pass on our love for the coffee fruit.”

Coffee processing system
This harvest was selective; only ripe cherries were picked. Next, the coffees were taken to drums, all the air was removed through a valve and the coffee fermented for 120 hours with complete temperature control. After 120 hours of fermentation, the coffee was taken to African beds where it rested in a single-bean layer without being moved for 48 hours. After this, the thickness was doubled, and it was again left for 48 hours. Then the thickness was again doubled and finally a tarp was placed over the coffee for it to dry in the shade for 12 days. The drying process was finished under the sun on the African beds over a period of 10 days with coffee being raked every 30 minutes. Finally, the coffee was put into bags where it rested for 25 days before final processing.

Anaerobic Fermentation micro-lots from Jean Vilhena, Santa Monica Farm.
PMH165     Jean Vilhena; Catuai 99; Lot 32; Anaerobic Fermentation; Santa Monica Farm
PMH166     Jean Vilhena Yellow Bourbon Lot 12/C; Anaerobic Fermentation; Santa Monica Farm
PMH167     Jean Vilhena Geisha Natural; Natural process; Lot 18/C; Santa Monica Farm
PMH168     Jean Vilhena Yellow Catigua Lot 14/C; Anaerobic Fermentation; Santa Monica Farm
PMH169     Jean Vilhena Catucai 2SL Lot 24/C; Anaerobic Fermentation; Santa Monica Farm
PMH170     Jean Vilhena Catuai 99 Lot 27/C; ; Anaerobic Fermentation; Santa Monica Farm
PMH172     Jean Vilhena; Santa Monica Farm; Lot 02/C; Yellow Bourbon varietal; Anaerobic Fermentation

Plus check out this other great new coffees (SGA016 and SGA027 are amazing!)

PMH073       Bela Epoca Farm Organic Certified
SGA016        Mantiqueira Ranges Natural Process
PMH171        Simone Carneiro Yellow Bourbon Santa Quiteria Farm; Natural process;
SGA027        Nossa Senhora das Gracas Farm; Natural process; Yellow Bourbon varietal; 17/18 NY 2/3