A digital market square for coffee trading

We all agree that Australia has one of the best coffee cultures in the world. With over 850 roasters across Australia (from BeanScene’s last count), we want to make sure every one of them gets the chance to try our specialty Brazilian beans. But, that’s a lot of phone calls, emails and introductions that our sales team needs to make.

So when we were approached by the team at greensquare to join their innovative online coffee trading platform, we were keen to jump onboard.  

greensquare is a digital coffee marketplace, compiling products from green bean suppliers for roasters to source, sample and manage their green bean purchases all in one place. 

greensquare has quite an exciting product. Speed of information in our industry is critical because there are many data inputs that can change at any given time. Having a platform that can help manage this for us and our customers is essential,” says Rob Stewert, Minas Hill GM.

“By having all the information in one place, we can streamline our processes and make the sales process more efficient for our roasters,” say Rob.

Via the easy-to-use dashboard, roasters are able to connect with suppliers and filter listings based on bean origin, process, varietal, grade/score and indicative price. As a coffee trading platform it means roasters can save time, cost and risks as they go about their coffee sourcing. 

As a supplier, it means we can promote our wide range of beans to a greater number of roasters, highlighting their quality, traceability and transparency in the process.

Launched in early 2023, greensquare is the creation of Caleb Holstein, Chris Meier, Marius Naumann and Jan-Hendrik Thieme. It was created with the aim of mitigating inefficiencies in the coffee bean supply chain and reducing risk and costs to both roasters and suppliers. 

The team gained insights into the coffee trading challenges via an advisory board they set up in 2021. This group of coffee professionals provided invaluable feedback around the product’s features and logistics. greensquare now has over 450 products available to roasters and are looking at expanding the platform to markets outside of Australia. First stop will be the USA in 2024.

“We’re well positioned to expand to international markets, so we’re excited to be part of the next stage of greensquare’s launch,” says Rob.

If you’re interested in connecting with us on greensquare, you can find us here

And find out more about joining the platform here