Cerrado Mineiro – The first Designation of Origin in Brazil

“Coffee with Altitude” is possibly the best way to describe coffee produced at the Cerrado, northwest of Minas Gerais state. A powerful range of tastes and aromas comprise this region, ranging from nuts and caramel aroma, citric acidity, moderate to full-body, hints of chocolate taste and a long and pleasant aftertaste, making this region the number 1 in Brazilian blends’ choice.

Cerrado Mineiro was the first region in Brazil to receive the quality recognition through the Designation of Origin certification. The area has 210 thousand hectares, and produces an average of 5 million bags of coffee a year, being responsible for 12.7% of the Brazilian production and 25.4% of Minas Gerais production.

At the Cerrado Mineiro, you’ll find an exclusive coffee, as the terroir is one of the factors responsible for the tasting notes. The area is also well-known for the unique human and cultural elements, such as the growers’ know-how and expertise. The perfect definition of seasons, with hot and humid summer and mild and dry winter, is another feature of Cerrado. The certification of Origin and Quality is only given to producers who follow the same processes at the production, such as being situated in an minimum altitude of 800m above sea level and scoring at least 80 SCAA points.

The advantages of acquiring products from a designated area is the transparency about the origin, farmer, history and processes behind the coffee beans. The Cerrado Mineiro Federation is a non-profit organisation created to represent its producers; control the origin and quality; and focus on the future of the farmers and the region, applying sustainable practices.