Being part of the community and the areas in which we operate is no longer just a basic call but has been transformed into the essence of our own survival.

“We want to ensure that our suppliers feel valued, because the type of coffee we work with takes time, dedication and well-being of them”, says Marcelo Brussi.

Investing in education, citizenship and the quality of life of those involved with coffee brings Minas Hill Coffee a great responsibility and satisfaction.

For us, it is a great pleasure to work with farmers such as Pedro and Newton Teixeira. Father and son, owners of Santo Antonio and Pinhal farms and committed on developing the small communities in the surrounding areas. They currently have 5 different and permanent projects that aim to create environmental awareness, a better relationship between families of workers and a hope for a better future for the generations to come.

Environmental Awareness: Since 2013, and in partnership with a local school, children have the opportunity of getting involved with the environment through a seminar held at the school + annual visits to the farm. During every visit to Santo Antonio & Pinhal farms, they are encouraged to plant trees and observe their growth and progress year after year.

Wings:  This project includes the construction of nurseries to shelter and reintroduce wild birds to their natural habitat. It also aims to educate people about the importance of environmental balance and the harmful effects of animal trafficking.

Parents & Children, an image: With the purpose of valuing the hard work done at the coffee farm and stimulating creativity, this project brings children to the farms to take pictures of their parents at the workplace. At the end, the photos are given as a gift to the families.

Photography: The purpose of this project was to create the Coffee Festival in Santo Antonio do Amparo. Coffee is the main economical activity in the region, and the reason why it is important to spread the awareness.

Coffee & Art: Through research about artists, photographers and other creative tools, children and teenagers are encouraged to experiment in the activities held in a coffee farm. Afterwards, their work is exposed in the Coffee Festival held every year in Santo Antonio do Amparo.

Minas Hill Coffee is aiming to implement and collaborate with others projects with all its suppliers, in all Brazilian states. “The Brazilian reality cannot be compared with the Australian reality. Brazil suffers too much from the lack of basic structures”, says Marcelo Brussi

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