GIMA 2020

Created by Flávia Lancha, GIMA takes place annually at Fazenda Bom Jesus. The event has already received more than 10,000 people including children, the elderly and people with disabilities from the various cities of Alta Mogiana.

GIMA is committed to encouraging socio-environmental responsibility and to promote cultural, artistic and educational support to public schools through themes that support the adoption of sustainable practices and allow the recovery of regional culture and history.

In 2019, the theme was “Alta Mogiana coffee: sustainable views” and GIMA became a Cultural Expo. For 4 days children from 7 cities played fun games, took part in many workshops and learned from each other.

By the start of 2020, we were all set up to organise the 13th edition of GIMA, and couldn’t imagine a pandemic was about to take over all our plans. The event had to be cancelled, but we couldn’t stop thinking about how disappointed those children would be for missing out. There was still hope. What if we created a different GIMA for those kids in lock-down without access to home schooling?

A new challenge began, but we were fueled by the idea of positively impacting the lives of vulnerable children and minimizing the discrepancy in access to education. With the help of Australian roasters who contributed to our fundraiser, we bought 124 Smartphones with pre-paid Internet to be donated to 5 public schools from Alta Mogiana region, Brazil to create “Smartphone Libraries”. This way, more children will benefit from this project and be digitally included.

After nearly 5 months of hard work with suppliers, schools and GIMA organisers we’re finally seeing the results: two batches of smartphones have already been delivered, in Cristais Paulista and Ribeirão Corrente, both towns located in Alta Mogiana region (Sao Paulo). There are 3 more schools to receive the smartphones and we will be sharing it all on our social media channels.

GIMA e-learning program is now a reality and ongoing project. This is specialty coffee, this is what matters behind the cup: to help vulnerable ones and improve coffee communities. If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch on