2020 International Coffee Week in Brazil


Topic: Points of attention in the commercialisation and production of coffee in complete environments.

The greatest coffee event of Brazil – International Coffee Week – was 100% online this year due to Covid-19. All coffee lovers from around the world had the chance to join online and watch many industry seminars, talks and classes.

Our founder Marcelo Brussi was invited to join the conversation on a sustainability panel, alongside three Brazilian coffee producers with a background in sustainability: Marcos Croce, Miriam Aguiar and Mateus Bichara. It was a great honour to be invited to such an important event and being recognised by Minas Hill’s efforts on sustainability.

Minas Hill is acting on many fronts to be a more sustainable company, and explored the use of Harvest Bags; a new solution in coffee liner bags. Biohybridand using less plastic in its composition, together with the use of compostable materials, this harvest bag means less impact on the environment and a lower carbon footprint.

Participants raised awareness to possible solutions within the coffee chain, to reduce the human impact on our planet by using fewer natural resources. We can begin by insisting on recyclable packaging from our suppliers, or packaging which uses fewer resources at production. There is an urgent need to eliminate plastic coffee liners, as they are made of non-recyclable materials.

We have an obligation to communicate with the consumer. Coffee production involves soil, water and hard work. It should be seen as an organic product derived from a living plant, which provides food and nourishment.

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