Introducing: Joao Newton Teixeira, carbon neutral coffee farmer

A carbon neutral coffee farmer. Joao Newton Teixeira is Pedro Gabarra’s father and the product of four generations of coffee growers in the region, inheriting the passion and skills of the pioneers who initiated the coffee plantations in the southern Minas Gerais region, Brazil.

Farms:  Santo Antônio, Mirante, Vertentes and Pinhal Farms

Region:  Campo Das Vertentes, Minas Gerais


Since 2007 – UTZ

Since 2010 – Rainforest

Since 2013 – 4C

Since 2013 – BSCA

Since 2014 – AAA Nespresso

Carbon Neutral coffee farmer
Original farmhouse at Joao Newton’s farm.

The historic Santo Antônio coffee farm dates to 1824. Since taking over the business in 1998, Joao Newton has invested not only in the quality of the coffee produced, but also in the qualification of his team. There is a continual focus on new processes and ideas. Joao Newton encouraged his son Pedro to join the family business in 2004 following his graduation from university, becoming the 5th generation of coffee growers in the family.

To assist with the production, Joao Newton utilises assistance from Agronomists who plan, schedule and make any adjustments needed to obtain well-nourished plots. The focus at this stage, is to make nutrient adjustments to the soil and conduct any necessary pest control.

The timing of the harvest is vital as it impacts on the quality of the coffee. Usually taking place between May and September, Joao Newton’s team are encouraged to harvest the maximum of ripe fruits. Those plots which have a quality history will be harvested manually, whilst other lots are mechanically harvested.

Joao Newton has initiated innovative post-harvest processes, with all lots processed in a particular way. After processing, they are dried according to the lot. The drying process is carried out until the lots reach the desired humidity, then pass through a period of rest prior to storage.

Joao Newton Teixeira at Santo Antonio farm, 2017

For Joao Newton and his team, sustainability, innovation, traceability, passion and partnership are the values and concepts they strive towards daily; committed to protecting the natural habitats around the farms and educating the community on the importance of preservation in this remote region of the Brazilian countryside.

From 2020, Joao Newton’s Farms can proudly claim to be Carbon Positive.

…more information on what it means to be Carbon Positive can be found in our mainarticle this month.