Supporting small farmers:

At Minas Hill we support small farmers.

Although Brazil is the biggest coffee producing country in the world and has a diverse range of growing zones, many are located in mountainous areas where it can be difficult to adopt cost-saving technologies.

Most small coffee farms in Brazil are family run, without a high level of technological sophistication. Small farmers face the economic challenges of sustainable production to achieve sustainability certification, relative to the economic benefits. As family-owned farms rely heavily on family labour, they are less impacted by rising labour costs, however this can make them slower to adopt methods that could yield long-term efficiency gains. Making coffee production more profitable for these small farmers helps to create a buffer to absorb added sustainability costs.

Farmer Jean Vilhena and his son.

At Minas Hill, we have been working at helping families thrive in the coffee community. It is important for our industry to continue to value and support small farmers and their families in these micro-regions of Brazil.

Farmer Maria Simone.

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