Farmer of the Month: Renato Rodrigues

FARMER:  Renato Rodrigues

FARM: Vista Alegre

 REGION: Piatã, Chapada Diamantina

STATE: Bahia


Renato Rodrigues is highly regarded amongst Brazil’s coffee growers. Renato achieved 5th place in Brazil’s 2020 Cup of Excellence competition, which has the purpose of promoting traceability, direct trade and rewarding quality coffee in Brazil. This was not Renato’s first award however, also taking out 5th place in the competition in 2014; his first year as a grower after taking over from his father on their 2.5-hectare coffee farm Vista Alegre. Renato’s wife and children also assist with harvesting, leading to a possible third generation of quality coffee production on Vista Alegre farm.

Renato Rodrigues and his amazing Red Catuai 144.


Nestled between two mountain ranges at an altitude of 1275m and close to Chapada Diamantina National Park, Vista Alegre is a tranquil, organic farm which benefits from the high altitude and cool temperatures of the Piatã coffee-growing region. These privileged conditions allow Renato to produce his special Bahia coffee, which offers an exceptional sensory experience. Piatã has become renowned for producing some of the best pulped natural coffees in the world, from blends to single origins. Until now, this specialty coffee has made it into the hands of only a few selected roasters throughout the world.


Renato’s Vista Alegre farm is an integral part of the local community. As a founding member of the Specialty Coffee and Agriculture Cooperative of Piatã, Renato works closely with other local growers, sharing his methods to produce high quality coffees. As 95% of all farms in Piatã are less than 8ha in size, these small farms rely solely on fair-trade buyers who care about their products and practices.

Renato and other small farmers.


Renato and his family produce 100% organic green coffee beans, using 100% sustainable processes, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides, using only compost and manure to fertilise the plants.

All coffee is selective harvested and hand picked.