Introducing our featured farmer this month: Ana Luisa Pimenta

Coffee Grower, Businesswoman

 FARM:  Santana

REGION:  Cassia

          STATE:  Minas Gerais

Congratulations to Ana Luisa Pimenta!

Champion in the ‘Cerejas do Café’ contest in 2020 (Natural Category).

This contest is organised by AMSC (Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee).

The winning coffee:

The micro-lot Ana presented in this contest was a ‘first crop’ Yellow Catuai 2SL, Natural. Harvested at 95% maturation and transported to the yard daily, it was then allowed to dry in raised beds in layers of 8-10cm. During the 15-day drying process, the coffee was turned between 7-10 times per day. At the end of each day, the coffee would be piled up to improve the drying process and standardise the beans’ moisture level; a process which would be repeated until a moisture level of 11.5% was attained. With such dedication and hard work, it’s any wonder Ana’s coffee achieved a score of 90,44 points to become the 2020 champion in this category!


Santana farm was chosen by Ana’s father, who saw the potential in the Cassia region of Minas Gerais State, due to its excellent features; fertile soil and an altitude of 1250m, both of which provide the essentials for a specialty coffee crop. As an agronomist, her father’s role would be to act as a liaison between farmers and researchers; to review research findings and recommend solutions to improve the productivity of the farm (including new scientific developments).

About five years ago, Santana farm invested in new coffee varietals and farming techniques, in conjunction with agricultural partners, Sergio Monteiro & Sons. This investment was aimed at improving coffee production.

The history of Santana farm may have originated with Ana’s father, but Ana has inherited her father’s passion for coffee. She wholeheartedly believes that the “essence of all our dedication and work are concentrated in these coffee beans.” She is full of pride and gratitude for the quality achieved with this product.

Ana Luisa Pimenta

Ana would like us all to… enjoy this coffee with love and affection.”

Ana Luisa Pimenta is a new supplier to MinasHill.

We are very pleased to offer her coffee for the first time.