Minas Hill Specialises in Microlot Coffees

…ethically sourced Specialty Microlot Coffees

Coffee has gained cultural and social momentum in Australia in a very short time. The term Bean to Cup was first used in 1974 in an issue of the ‘Tea and Coffee Trade Journal’ in response to a demand for exceptional-quality coffee produced in special micro-climates. These days, all good roasters know that there’s much more behind an excellent coffee than merely adding the grounds and pouring the water. They will be knowledgeable of the many and various phases in growing, harvesting and processing of specialty micro-lots, which all influence the result.

Minas Hill Specialises in Microlot Coffees
Jose Paulo Borges, Sitio Pinheirinho

A micro-lot is a coffee usually sourced from a single plot of land in a farm – or in the case of very small farm, a group of producers nearby. Altitude, climate, processing methods as well as traceability are considered. Crops are free of defects and beans are picked at the peak of ripeness. Each micro-lot produces a distinctive coffee. A nano-lot is much like a micro-lot but even smaller.

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These single-origin coffees are of high quality with very distinctive flavour profile, and therefore tend to be more expensive coffees. Because the coffee beans are harvested and processed on such a small scale, the costs for producers are greatly increased, so naturally the sale price increases to cover these costs. The simple economics of supply and demand also influence sale prices.

Minas Hill Specialises in Microlot Coffees
Coffee manually sorted, only ripe beans are selected

At Minas Hill we understand just how important origin really is. The more information we have about the coffee’s source, from the local climate to the harvesting and processes of the individual producers, the more we know about the coffee itself.

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With smaller lots, traceability is effectively easier. We are able to build a relationship with the producers, understanding exactly where the coffee comes from and how it is produced; working together with a common goal. We learn more about the lives of the farmers and their families who grow the coffee and together work towards more sustainable prices. It is our desire to ensure that additional prices are not contributing to the poverty of others.

Minas Hill has a tradition of showcasing and supporting these small farmers

…the best of Brazil.

Minas Hill Specialises in Microlot Coffees
Red Catuai hand picked by Renato Rodrigues in Piata, Bahia