GIMA 2021: Supporting vulnerable children through Digital Inclusion

GIMA (The Intercity Games for the Environment) is a social and environmental project envisioned by farmer Flavia Lancha de Oliveira.


Since 2008, GIMA has taken place at Bom Jesus farm. The project was created to promote social responsibility and environmental awareness for young generations. Once a year, around 1,000 5th grade children from towns surrounding Alta Mogiana region are united by GIMA. At the farm, there are exciting activities, games and prizes that change those children’s lives forever.

“I believe children are the transforming agents of our society. Our main goal is to bring awareness to the cities, schools and children. To show that we can have a better world where sustainable actions will be part of our daily lives.”

Flavia Lancha
GIMA 2021: Supporting vulnerable children through Digital Inclusion
GIMA 2019

Lucileida (one of the organisers) explains that: GIMA creation model schools have a deliberative role. We start to meet with their leaderships in February; directors, coordinators, teachers and education secretaries all participate.” Each school needs to vote and choose a student to act as the mayor, bringing sustainable solutions to their town. Children learn the importance of citizenship and democracy. The mayors of the towns are invited to participate in this exercise and, along with the children who are acting mayors, in the end, sign a document of commitment to pursue and solve those raised problems.

Minas Hill has supported and promoted this project since 2015, organising fundraisers to donate push-bikes.

GIMA 2021: Supporting vulnerable children through Digital Inclusion
Push-bikes donated in 2019.

GIMA IN 2020

Due to Covid-19, GIMA had to be cancelled in 2020 and there is still uncertainty of when the event will resume.
Social distancing and home schooling highlighted a massive problem in Brazil: 50% of poor familieshave no Internet at home and there was no way those children could continue their studies. Minas Hill then decided to change GIMA and focus on Digital Inclusion.
Instead of fundraising for push-bikes Minas Hill started to mobilise coffee roasters in Australia to donate Smartphones with pre-paid internet to children who would otherwise attend GIMA.

“We managed to circumvent the non-donation of bicycles, which are extremely useful for these children to be able to go to their schools, for something that was even more useful and necessary in the current circumstances”

Marcelo Brussi

Over the past 4 years Minas Hill has managed to increase donations with the help of Australian roasters. In total, more than 90 bikes and 124 Smartphones were donated to participating children.

Read more about GIMA 2020 HERE

GIMA 2021: Supporting vulnerable children through Digital Inclusion
GIMA 2020: Gabriel Oliveira, Lucileida and the school director receiving a box with SmartPhones.


There is a new challenge now: To continue GIMA Digital Learning Project and reach even more children.

We want to continue the great work we started last year. The testimonials received from children and their families after receiving the SmartPhones touched our heart. Click below to watch:

GIMA 2020 – Testimonials

This year, our goal is to raise $ AUD 20,000

To donate, CLICK HERE.